Torrens Valley Little Athletics

Little Athletics encourages children aged from 3 to 17, regardless of ability, to strive to achieve their best in the full range of athletic events. The emphasis is on fitness and improvement, not winning. All events use equipment specifically designed to be appropriate for the size and ability of the child. It is safe, fun and develops all around fitness.

Athletes, depending on age, compete in long jump, high jump, triple jump, discus, shotput, javelin, sprints, walking, middle distance running and cross country.

Little Athletics teaches more than sports skills – discipline, respect and teamwork are all part of the training.
Studies show that children who have participated in Little Athletics have better coordination, flexibility and mobility.
Little Athletes perform better in all sports, and perhaps more importantly go on to develop healthy lifestyles, including participation in all sports, which undoubtedly improves the length and quality of their lives. Perhaps not surprisingly, studies also indicate that children who have enjoyed Little Athletics also do better in their academic studies and have more highly developed social skills.

TThe philosophy of Australian Little Athletics is best captured by the words “family, fun and fitness”. As part of this philosophy we encourage athletes and volunteers to embrace “BE YOUR BEST”. The cornerstone of Little Athletics is family involvement in activity programs. Parents are encouraged to participate in all activities from Centre to National level.

The emphasis on developing a healthy attitude to physical fitness at an early age is the key to adopting good habits for life. To stand children in good stead throughout their life, Little Athletics contributes to the development of the fundamental skills in running, throwing and jumping by personal improvement and participation and, at the same time, emphasizes family values and enjoyment.

Most tasks that need to be performed at Little Athletics meets are fairly easy, and your children will enjoy seeing you get involved. Tasks include setting up and packing away equipment, time keeping, measuring, chaperoning, assisting with Tiny Tots, cooking the BBQ-to name a few. A committee member will always be available to guide you if you are unsure.


Get Involved


Competition Begins

Meets are held every Friday during the school terms 4 and 1 at Birdwood High School oval, Shannon Street, Birdwood. We begin at 4pm with set-up of the oval, followed by a warm-up at 4.15. Competition begins at 4.30pm sharp and continues until approximately 6pm, where we all gather under the gum trees for a BBQ and a cold drink.

Athletes compete within their own age group: From Tiny Tots through to Under 17s. Depending on numbers, age groups may also be split into Boys and Girls, to minimise waiting times at events.

Age groups are determined by the athlete’s age on September 30th, prior to the beginning of each season. The athlete stays in this age group for the entire Little Athletics season until September 30th the following year. For example, children must be 5 years of age on or before September 30th 2015 to compete in the Under 6 age group.

Tiny Tots is a program for children aged 3 to 5 years. It is designed to provide a fun environment wher the fundamental movement skills can be introduced, improved upon and enjoyed. The program recognises the importance of regular physical activity for all children, establishing positive activity choices from a young age. The Tiny Tot program encourages and develops Perceptual skills, Overall strength, Balance and confidence in movement, Body and spatial awareness, Motor planning, Independence, The ability to follow directions.

The basis for Tiny Tots is on undertaking activities with the aim to successfully moving into the Under 6 age group. While some activities are just for fun, others specifically relate to developing skills to be successful in more complex athletic events.

We ask that wherever possible a parent or guardian remains with the Tiny Tot throughout the program as the activities are run by volunteers and it is not a babysitting facility. The children love it when their parent/guardian gets involved in the session.

Tiny Tots

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